Sunday, February 24, 2013

BIG, BIG, BIG day!

Today, February 24, 2013, was a BIG day for two in our family.  Michael and Timothy both gave their hearts to the Lord this morning during the church service!!!!  What an amazing feeling watching your kids get saved and make that decision publicly known.  I cried like a baby, and I'm pretty sure Ben cried a little too.  :)

They have been asking lots of questions lately about salvation, baptism, and what it means to be saved.  We have tried to give them straight forward answers without being overly "preachy."  We had no idea that they would be making the decision at all, much less today.  I was completely floored.  I'm just so glad that God used us and our awesome church to make a difference of the eternal kind in their lives. 

They will be baptized in two weeks, on March 10, so all of the grandparents can be there.  I will definitely take and post pictures of their big day.

There's two new names written down in Glory!!!!

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