Monday, February 25, 2013

Sweet boy

Last night at bedtime, I thought I'd explain to Isaac what happened at church earlier that morning, since he had been in children's church.  I told him that Michael and Timothy had asked Jesus to come live in their heart, and that He had said "YES!"  I asked Isaac if he knew what that meant, and he told me that it means they get to go to heaven with us.  He said that he had already asked Jesus into his heart and that he knew he was going to heaven and he was very glad that Michael and Timothy would be going too.  He said that he knew there were gold streets in heaven! 

I told him that now we needed to pray for William, that he would ask Jesus to live in his heart, too.  He promptly replied, "I need to talk to him tomorrow and tell him that the streets are gold in heaven and that he needs to come with us."  Warms my heart to know that Isaac has a loving heart and one that wants his brothers to be with him in eternity. 

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